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A great benefit of marriage is the ability to enroll your spouse as a beneficiary of various health, retirement, life, and financial insurance plans. Conversely, you can apply for a marriage license in the country where you want to travel. In this case, you should contact the nearest consulate or embassy in the country where you are going to get married to find out the legal requirements for the wedding. Among the many changes we experience when we get married, and one of the most visible, is a change of surname. While you don`t need to change your name legally, it`s something to consider and discuss before marriage. First, you need to have the new name on the marriage certificate. Second, you will need to change your identification documents such as your Social Security card, driver`s license or government-issued ID, vehicle title and registration, passport, bank accounts, etc. To do this, you must present the marriage certificate with your new surname. Then, use your new last name for everything you do to move forward. It is becoming increasingly common for both parties to change their name, often to a double-barreled surname, but this must be done legally by documentary investigation. This is also the case when the bride wants to take her husband`s last name but wants to keep her maiden name as a middle name. So before you say «I want,» don`t forget to cover these legal tips so you can live happily ever after. And after your big day, be sure to read FindLaw`s Legal Planning Guide for Newlywed Couples.

The legal association of a couple as spouses. The basic elements of a marriage are: (1) the legal capacity of the parties to marry, (2) the mutual consent of the parties and (3) a marriage contract required by law. From shared assets to shared benefits, marriage usually changes the way you manage your finances. There is an important legal process that needs to be followed, and couples may want to think about other legal issues such as a prenuptial agreement. Thinking about these practical aspects of marriage isn`t very romantic, but it can help a couple talk about important issues that could lead to divorce before the couple gets married. Some people prefer to share their finances once married, but keeping them separate and having a prenuptial agreement might work better if a divorce took place. You have to keep in mind that they are not legally binding in England, but in Scotland. While many couples are reluctant to broach the subject, wedding planning is actually the perfect time to talk about a prenuptial agreement. No one gets married because they think they`re going to get divorced, but in the worst case, these agreements can clearly identify the rights of the parties and how the assets will be distributed. Prenuptial agreements can be ideal vehicles for protecting business interests, inheritances, or important assets acquired before marriage. You can also make it clear whether spousal support is paid after a divorce. It is important to recognize that, contrary to popular belief, the courts will not enforce a marriage contract if it is extremely unfair to one of the spouses.

Money can still be a bit of a difficult topic, but it`s an important topic. Many couples opt for a joint bank account for convenience. However, this can lead to discord later. Since both parties legally have the same rights to the content, this could have consequences if the marriage collapses and both want to have access to the content. In general, when you marry someone, you cannot be forced to testify against them in criminal court. It is a kind of marital privilege. Courts and governments in the United States may recognize this privilege in a lawsuit to protect a couple`s relationship from undue hardship. However, there are situations (such as domestic violence) where the courts may make exceptions and ask you to provide evidence in the form of testimony. Signing your marriage certificate does not automatically change your name. If you decide to change your last name to your spouse`s last name, you will need to bring your marriage certificate to an official institution that keeps records of your name to update your information.

To get a marriage certificate, visit a local registry in the city or county where you want to exchange vows. If you have a destination marriage, you can get a marriage certificate from your hometown and get married there before or after your wedding. In fact, many couples have a small wedding ceremony at home before hosting a larger reception elsewhere. Once you have signed the marriage certificate at your wedding ceremony and your official has submitted the marriage certificate, your marital status will officially change to married. When a couple finally makes the decision to get married, they can be taken in the romantic idea of living happily ever after. While this is normal, the couple should also think about the legal aspects of marriage. In addition, in some cases, a marriage may be void or voidable. Regardless of where you wish to marry, be prepared to meet various requirements and have the appropriate documents to obtain a marriage certificate, such as: States that have authorized and will still recognize as valid marriages under customary law concluded before the date of their abolition.