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Burial authorization, approval form and death certificate by a doctor, autopsy to prepare a report and submit it to the judicial authorities. The death/autopsy register contains information such as the personal data of the deceased, the cause of death, the date and time of death and the number of the death certificate as well as in the case of medical legal information of the heirs or persons claiming the corpses and the relationship with the deceased must be clear in order to prevent any misconduct on the body. However, the company also expresses its appreciation to the Ministry of Health, which provides good services, especially to avoid medico-legal cases and complaints received by the Ministry. Medical records are a «legal document» that conforms to medical ethics. Medical records contain information and future health care. As a written collection of information about a patient`s health status and treatment, it is primarily used for current and ongoing patient care. In addition, medical records are used in the management and planning of health facilities and services. The improvements made to the Ministry itself to provide quality services and acts as a consultant and expert in the treatment and investigation of forensic medical technical cases and coordinates and controls medico-legal cases, including civil actions clinical negligence in state health premises. HVAC does not use preservatives on the body, only corpses in the refrigerator. Forensic bodies have been divided into two categories, which concern crimes such as murder and not a crime such as accidents, fires and others.

«Due to the death of the individual, legislation is needed, and then his body must be kept until the letter of authorization is issued to dispose of the body. HKL keeps the body with legal medical cases for six months, the corpses removed, «The freezing temperature to store the bodies is between 2 degrees C and 8 degrees Celsius without preservatives. In the Medico cases, the majority of the bodies involved police cases and the court had to conduct an autopsy. Rationally, autopsy is performed to find the cause of death, whether it is a crime or not, but it is only performed when the police directive letter is issued. The officials of the cadaver department had to deal not only with the autopsy and funeral, but also with the response of the heirs of the deceased. Faced with the family of the deceased, the most difficult situation is that the cases of forensic death are sudden and the condition of the body is not perfect. In the case of a medico-legal record or legislation, records relating to the application of the medical report are retained by the ministry until the file is inactive for 10 years. Ultimately, I hope that with a little knowledge of this article, you can provide information to educate the public, employers, public institutions and others about medico-legal cases that need to be handled by health authorities. The importance of patient information and rights and the doctor`s relationship between the patient, how to obtain information about the patient`s illness in accordance with hospital rules, in order to prevent and reduce misuse of information or negligence of staff, so that potential cases are legally well maintained by medico. Collection and provision of patient data for the purpose of planning and developing services, allowing liaison with communication between the clinic`s healthcare provider through the exchange of information and other health professionals who contribute to the treatment of patients and are used for research, teaching, learning and providing a permanent record of activities and events during patient care for medico-legal purposes (in accordance with legal requirements and patient interests).

So far, not all employees have major problems with the body, but often with the problems of the heirs of the deceased. When they talked about the types of corpses in HKL`s forensic department, they learned that corpses are made of forensic and normal body bodies. Today, a specific legal body responsible for medical records is not yet available. But all Ministry of Health hospitals have guidelines and circular management of medical records as a reference and guide. The medical legal aspects of medical records are diverse and vary. All cases involving medico-legal cases or potentially involving medical records must be kept in a secure and sealed place. Patient statistics and reports on infectious diseases, births, deaths, infant deaths, autopsy, child abuse, drug abuse and others must collect complete information. Chronology The sequence of activities and events can help clarify cause and effect, date, time and complete information, the reporter must be recorded, it is necessary in the case of medico-legal cases. Medical records as logbook and documentary evidence, which is crucial for the legal aspects of medicine. «HKL`s forensic department will conduct an autopsy in accordance with the court`s schedule for crimes such as murder. This privilege is created and justified in terms of law and ethics, because people believe that patients should feel safe by giving information to doctors so that they can be treated perfectly.