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There is no minimum age to work in Tasmania. However, there are limits to the type of work young people can do when performing or selling in public places. This includes children under the age of: You must stay in school until the end of Grade 10 and reach the age of 15. After that, you can decide to continue your studies or work full-time. Do you have a question about work? For free and confidential legal advice, you can ask us a question here or contact us on 1800 953 673 (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday). […] What we learned was that the minimum working age was not 14 and three-quarters as we thought. There is actually no minimum age in most […] If you want to learn more about the beginning of labor, there are many handy resources you can try. You can find them all on the Fair Work Ombudsman website here: • You cannot work more than 10 hours per week if you are under 15. Usually, you must stay in school until the end of Grade 12, obtain a Certificate III or reach the age of 18.

However, if you have completed Grade 10, you can apply for an exemption if you work at least 35 hours per week full-time. For example, McDonald`s has introduced a minimum age of 14, which applies to all stores in Australia. They expanded what the law says in states that do not have a minimum working age (NSW, NT, SA and CAS) by adding additional conditions for those who are fourteen but not yet 16, including: A young person must be 17 to have a full-time job. However, they can apply for an exemption to drop out of school and work full-time instead at the end of Grade 10. You will need to stay in school until you turn 16 or complete Grade 10 (whichever comes first). After that, you can leave school to work full-time or participate in a combination of study and training. Maybe you`re looking for a junior to join your company, or maybe it`s your child or grandchild who wants to take their first steps in the job market and the long-awaited independence that your first paycheck can bring. In all cases, it is important to know the rules and regulations that govern the employment of children in Australia. There is no minimum age for a person to work in South Australia. However, you cannot employ a child of compulsory school age (between 6 and 16 years old) during school hours. You also cannot require the employee to work at a time that is unlikely to allow them to go to school (i.e. late at night and early in the morning).

In Victoria, you must be 13 years old before you can start working (in an industry other than entertainment). However, to work without special permission, you must be at least 15 years old. If you`re 11, you can get a job as a paper delivery man and you can work in a family business at any age. A person must be at least 15 years old to work in Victoria. However, there are some exceptions to this rule that allow you to employ someone under the age of 15, even if you work in the following fields: Your work must not interfere with your education or training. This means you can`t be allowed to work late at night or early in the morning. There is no minimum age for part-time or casual employment in Tasmania. However, you may be limited in the type of work you can do and your hours. There is no minimum age limit to work in New South Wales. However, if you are under the age of 15, there may be some restrictions on the type of work you can do and the number of hours you can work.

If you plan to work at a time other than school holidays, you should check with the New South Wales Department of Education for restrictions that may apply to a student`s age and education. You can be contacted at 1300 679 332 or visit their website. There is no minimum age in New South Wales, but employment must not interfere with a student`s education, and employers must be reasonable with regard to listing, planning and safety. More information is available here. You are not allowed to leave school until you are 17. However, once you`ve completed Grade 10, you no longer need to go to the school`s campus – you can work at least 25 hours a week. The minimum age for admission to employment in the Sunshine State is 13. This period is reduced to 11 if the child has supervised deliveries, where newspapers, advertising material or similar items are delivered between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Young people between the ages of 11 and 13 are required to work during childbirth (i.e.

the delivery of brochures or newspapers). There are rules on how many hours school-age children are allowed to work on certain days, during school weeks and during school holidays. School-age children are prohibited from working between 10pm and 6am – see the government`s QLD website for more information. In New South Wales, you are not allowed to work during school hours. You cannot work more than one shift per day and for more than 5 days in a row. You cannot work more than 4 hours in total on a school day. You cannot work after 21:00 if you have school the next day. They are not allowed to work and go to school for more than 50 hours a week. If the person you want to hire is under 15 but over 13, they can work with their parents` permission. In this scenario, you need a child work permit. Children and adolescents under the age of 15 may perform «light» work for a limited number of hours with the written consent of their parents. Young people between the ages of 15 and 17 are allowed to work without restrictions, provided that it is not contrary to their best interests (e.g.

receiving training, etc.). More information is available here. • A child needs a work permit if he or she is under 15 years of age. In Victoria, a child must be at least 15 years old to work. There are important exceptions to this law if a person under the age of 15 wants to work, such as if they work in a family business or in the entertainment industry. Just because a teenager reaches the «right age» for a job doesn`t mean they`re ready. Starting work too early, when it is not necessary to earn money to motivate a child, can be a disaster. Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of employment for young people.

11 years is the minimum age for delivery of newspapers and brochures in Victoria. 13 is the minimum age for most other forms of employment (excluding employment in the entertainment sector). There are restrictions on working hours and days until the age of 15. There is no minimum age to work in family businesses. To learn more, click here. Although there is no minimum age for admission to employment for casual and part-time employment in the Northern Territory, there are restrictions on working in licensed premises and on safe working hours. See here. • There is no minimum age to work in a family business or in the entertainment industry. So, is the minimum age 14 years and 9 months? Well, no. This widespread belief dates back to a time in the past when this was the age for parts of Australia, but the 14 years and 9 months rule is no more.

When can young people start working? The answer is that it depends. It depends on where you live and work, the type of work they do, and how often they will work. You may want to consider developing a company policy to set the minimum age for your employees while taking into account the legal requirements of your state or territory. 10 advantages of working for young people (and also some disadvantages) | Mumlyfe The minimum working age in Western Australia depends on the work you do. Children of all ages can work in a family business, entertainment or charity. Between 10:00 and 12:00, you can work in a paper delivery note, but only if you are supervised. If you are 13 or 14 years old, you can take all of the above steps and also work in retail. • Children can work a maximum of 4 hours per school day and 12 hours per school week when school is in session. In Tasmania, you are not allowed to work during school hours. There are also restrictions other than age to consider when starting labour.

This includes how many hours per day or week you are allowed to work, when you are allowed to work, and whether you are allowed to leave school to work. Many people think that 14 and nine months is the minimum working age in Australia, but this is not the case. This age is probably a hangover, while 14 and nine months were the minimum age for a child to drop out of school. In most states, there is actually no minimum working age, although there are restrictions if children are under 15. If you need help making a decision or creating your first resume, and especially if you feel that your teen is not being treated fairly or properly at work, visit our booking page, book a free consultation and see how we can help you! When your teen is ready for a job (or perhaps when you`re ready for a job), there are a few factors to consider.