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Take a practical exam. You must take a practical exam before your first exam. Learn how to take a practical exam. There are now three types of examinations. Here`s how to take them and how to find the most important information you need: For more information on attendance policy, as well as our grade curve and exam deferrals, check out our academic policy guide. In general, members of the tax faculty may set a higher standard of regular attendance than those described above, and may also consider attendance, class attendance, and quality of class performance when determining the student`s grade (if attendance was mentioned as an assessment factor in the first class session or in the program of study). Overall, for many online-only courses, there are few expectations for participation, other than watching the class videos and taking the exam. Before taking an exam, students should familiarize themselves with the complete rules for classroom exams, which can be found in the Academic Policy Guide. Use the latest Exam4 software. You will need to download and install a new version of Exam4 during each exam period. The audit team will email your Net ID address as soon as the new software is available. Send an accommodation request for each exam via ExamReporter. Please do not contact the instructor during or after an exam.

If you want to send a message to the instructor, you can send your anonymous message through the Records and Registration Office. The rules of the American Bar Association, the New York State Court of Appeals, other state high courts, and the law school itself require regular attendance. For online courses, we track attendance by reviewing recordings of videos that students have watched. Failure to watch enough course videos may, without further warning, result in: 1) a grade reduction or 2) denial of permission to complete the courses and/or take the exam and receive a grade from WD or F/BY. Exams are scored anonymously at NYU School of Law; Students are not allowed to write their name on exams. Instead, students must use their exam ID. All students must obtain their exam ID by registering on the ExamReporter website. Exams must be taken on time. Please read the following section on postponing exams. The exams for the 2022 summer session are tentatively scheduled for August 3-5, 2022 (for supervised exams) and August 2-9, 2022 (for full-time take-home exams). Make sure that your exam has been successfully loaded into ExamReporter. It can take up to 30 minutes for an exam to appear on ExamReporter.

(If your exam still hasn`t been downloaded, you`ll need to contact the exam team for assistance.) All law school exams are managed using Exam4 software. Please visit the Faculty of Law`s Exam Deferral website for more information on rescheduling and adapting the «in-class» and «remote» exams. In the rare event that an exam needs to be postponed due to extreme extenuating circumstances, the student will be notified via ExamReporter of a retake date. Exam start times are Eastern Standard Time, and all students must start at that time, unless a request to reschedule or adjust the exam is approved. There is a very high threshold for requesting a postponement of the exam date. Examinations are never conducted before the specified examination date. Part-time students tend to work, so labor disputes are not a unique situation and we cannot fairly postpone exams on that basis. Therefore, students should clarify their exam schedules with their employers before completing course schedules. Note: Your ID and portrait must be fully visible in the assigned fields.

If not, click «Delete» and resume the image. Students with disabilities who need accommodation should do both: missing more than one-fifth of a course`s lessons or videos is likely an exaggeration. Any student who is threatened by this should immediately speak to the teacher and/or tax program director and explain the situation. Congratulations! You have just completed your practical exam. Exams must be taken on a laptop. For a list of currently supported operating systems, see the Exam4 website. Fixed supervised exams: Friday, October 14 and Friday, October 21 Computer-based exams with fixed schedules and flexible locations.