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Many clients have benefited from our initial consultation service, which has led them to understand how our family law lawyers in York can help them resolve their family disputes. Our family law lawyers and divorce specialists in York are passionate about providing advice and assistance to clients at all times. We pride ourselves on providing 24/7 service to local clients and ensuring you have a family law specialist who is right for you and your case. As a niche practice, our clients can benefit from our support and we will be familiar with your family law, whatever it may be. As Head of the Family Department with over 30 years of experience, Simon is one of the leading figures in the field of family law. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in divorce and separation matters, including alimony, money, property and pensions. Simon has handled numerous high-value asset files, family businesses and complex retirement arrangements, including police and armed forces. He has represented unmarried partners who have claimed a share of assets under trust law and has negotiated numerous cohabitation and marriage contracts. Simon also handles children`s files, including residency and contact requests, emigration and name changes. He has also represented parents and grandparents in custody proceedings. Simon is a member of Resolution, an accredited member of the Law Society`s Family Committee, and a certified specialist in financial and children`s litigation. He is also a trained collaborative lawyer and qualified mediator.

If two people live together but are not married, our family law team can issue a cohabitation agreement to provide legal certainty and support if the couple in question does not have the same legal rights as a married couple. Over the past 10 years, the number of people living together has increased significantly and we can offer the necessary legal advice in all cases. Mark is a partner on the family team and has specialized in family law and divorce since graduating in 1995. He advises on all matters, specializing in resolving the financial aspects of separation and divorce, handling almost exclusively complex and high-quality cases. Mark is a certified resolution specialist in matters involving finances and/or children, and is also a collaborative lawyer and qualified family mediator. He wants to give comprehensive and pragmatic advice and recognizes that some cases can be resolved through negotiation, collaborative law or mediation, while others require court intervention. Mark regularly lectures and presents on family law issues and advises and comments to local and national media. With an enviable track record of working in family law, Christopher has been practicing exclusively in this area since his call to the bar and is now the managing partner of this firm specializing in family law.

Known for his strategic and pragmatic approach to matters while being down-to-earth and accessible, he has exceptional experience in family matters, particularly marriage financing and divorce, including matters involving very large assets and complex business structures, pension plans, real estate and investments. He is also able to advise in all other areas of family law, such as child disputes, modification of spousal support, marriage contracts, civil partnership issues, division of property after separation, inherited property and injunctions. In addition, Christopher handles matters with an international dimension, including complex international litigation involving children. He prides himself on offering the combination of legal expertise, empathy and understanding, and is often described as an «extremely safe pair of hands.» Our family lawyers have extensive knowledge and expertise in family law, including representing children and parents in municipal child custody proceedings. We promote a non-confrontational approach to solving problems while providing the determination to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. The members of our team are accredited lawyers in resolution law and collaborative law. If you are looking for a financial settlement or want to talk about child support, our family law lawyers can help. We work with you to achieve the desired result and offer a listening and open ear at all times.

Perhaps the most important and challenging aspect of family law is the impact on children. Whether you need help organizing children, resolving custody or involving social services, we work efficiently and tailor our service to the specific situation to ensure children are protected and touched as little as possible throughout the process. This is a contract that is made between a couple before they get married. Our prenuptial agreement lawyers can offer expert assistance and advice. A separation or divorce is never easy, especially when it comes to children. Our highly experienced family law lawyers and divorce specialists work with everyone involved to ensure a less stressful handling of this often delicate situation. We can first try to help you in an amicable resolution of your custody dispute and try to mediate between conflicting parents. With experience in international law, we can also help parents take care of the child if you are abroad in another country for the child. In addition to supporting parents, our family lawyers in York have supported grandparents who are victims of parental quarrels and who are often excluded from the review of child arrangements.

Contact our custody specialists in York today to discuss how we can help you resolve your family law disputes. To discuss your divorce, child disputes or family law issues, contact Stowe Family Services for expert legal advice.