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Ghost guns, sometimes called «do-it-yourself» guns, can be built at home without a manufacturer`s license. So in which states are ghost guns legal? Today, the President and Deputy Attorney General will also announce that the U.S. Department of Justice has issued a final rule to curb the proliferation of «ghost guns» — privately manufactured, non-serialized firearms that law enforcement increasingly finds at crime scenes in cities across the country. Last year alone, the ATF was informed of the seizure of approximately 20,000 suspected ghost guns by law enforcement as part of criminal investigations, ten times more than in 2016. [1] Because ghost guns do not have the serial numbers of other firearms, it is extremely difficult for law enforcement to trace a gun found at a crime scene back to a single buyer. The Government`s action on ghost guns is critical to developing a strong national firearms control framework based on common sense. Eight states and territories currently restrict ghost guns, including California, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, and the District of Columbia. «That is changing today. This rule will make it harder for criminals and other prohibited people to obtain untraceable weapons. It will help law enforcement officers get the information they need to solve crimes.

And it will help reduce the number of untraceable guns flooding our communities. I am grateful to the professionals in the department who worked tirelessly to complete and implement this important rule, and who did so in a manner that respects the rights of law-abiding Americans. As a result, «80%» kits containing a partially finished frame or receiver or «blank receiver»14 and other items necessary for the manufacture of a functional firearm – barrels, studs, springs, pins, sleds (in pistols), tops (in long guns) and sights – are added to the definition of «firearm» under the Firearms Control Act, 1968 (GCA). The inclusion of this kit in the definition requires that manufacturers of the kit have a federal licence and provide serial numbers on the frame or recipient of the kit, and that those selling such kits also hold a state licence and therefore conduct background checks on potential buyers. as required by law.15 The rule has no bearing on the regulation of firearms made from scratch at home. Those that are assembled with a fully manufactured frame or receiver or the construction of a historic replica. Untraceable weapons are increasingly being used by illegal arms trafficking networks across the country. A dismantling of a ghost gun trafficking ring on Long Island in 2015 revealed that ghost guns were a «new frontier of the illegal arms trade.» 2 In July 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department dismantled a brazen gang trading company in Los Angeles.3 Individuals have been caught making and selling guns that cannot be found in locations across the country.4 For example, in April 2018, a New Jersey grand jury charged a man with illegally manufacturing and selling untraceable guns after law enforcement Seized nearly three dozen firearms from his home. Including nearly 20 untraceable weapons.5 The growing ghost gun problem contributes to America`s violence problems Recently, a number of cities and towns have also put forward landmark policy proposals to regulate ghost guns, including: Sales of ghost gun parts and kits have increased significantly in recent years and, Not surprisingly, the use of ghost guns in crime has increased exponentially: It`s not just a gun display problem. Anyone can go online and buy one of these kits as easily as a stuffed animal. Online sellers point out that no background checks are required and no interaction with a state-authorized dealer is required to purchase a ghost gun kit or parts.

Untraceable weapons can also be made using new manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, which allows a person to make a three-dimensional object such as a firearm, much like a traditional printer can produce a printed document. A high-quality, easy-to-use model is available for around $2,500, which is roughly the cost of a high-end AR-15-style rifle.