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Tina is a Human Resources professional with over 15 years of experience in business, law and general management. She has held positions as a labour relations lawyer, educator and executive coach, and human resources manager in Australia and Asia in professional and financial services, providing human resources consulting services to technology and creative start-ups. Tina has also worked extensively with non-profit organizations throughout her consulting career and is passionate about the goals and values that WLSV embodies, having worked with the organization has worked together. Tina is qualified in Australia and is currently pursuing a Master`s degree in Management (Organizational Dynamics). We are looking for a migration lawyer to join our migration team! Due to the complexity of the legal issues faced by women on temporary visas, the migration lawyer will provide legal assistance and work with family lawyers, child protection lawyers, social workers and financial advisors as part of a comprehensive integrated service model. This is a full-time or part-time position (at least 4 days) with a fixed duration of 12 months with a strong possibility of extension. The application deadline is Monday, December 12, at 5 p.m. Read more: #Lawyer #Job #Migration #DFV This central role will lead the Women`s Legal Service Victoria`s («WLSV») women`s team in implementing the organisation`s strategy. With vision and guidance, the CEO will enable the WLSV team to achieve its ambitious goals and maximize its social impact.

Working with the Board and Directors, you will build on WLSV`s reputation and excellent relationships to guide the growth and development of the organization`s services, build industry capacity, and advocate for systemic change. Adrianne has over ten years` experience as a senior legal counsel and legal reform specialist, working primarily in the community legal sector, focusing on women`s and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights. She is currently Associate Legal Director at the Human Rights Law Centre, where she uses strategic legal action, media representation, and political engagement to change and prevent unjust laws. Adrianne understands the opportunities and challenges facing women`s legal services after working at the Top End Women`s Legal Service in Darwin, representing NT on the Women`s Legal Services Australia committee and volunteering for WLSV. Here are some of the highlights from our 2022 Impact Report: Our 25-person legal team provided free legal support and advice to 2160 women victims of violence between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. From Mildura to Gippsland, more than 420 of the women we have worked with live in the Victoria area. A quarter of the women we worked with received ongoing legal representation in court, litigation and litigation, and were able to work with our financial advisors and social workers to address other issues that arise as a result of violence, such as debt, homelessness and poor mental health. Our in-house social and financial advisory teams increased their number of cases by 25% compared to the previous year. About 15% of the women we worked with were homeless or at risk of homelessness, 61% were financially disadvantaged. Read our impact report here: Tina Lavranos, Chair of the Women`s Legal Board, said Serina is a highly respected leader in the legal and social sector who would bring a wealth of experience to the role. Serina also has extensive experience in the areas of human rights and access to justice, advocacy, policy and program development, and legal work to protect the rights of marginalized and economically disadvantaged communities.

As CEO, Serina will lead Women`s Legal as we continue to push for improvements to laws and policies that affect women and children who pass through the legal system as a result of relationship breakdown and domestic violence. These include our legal practice in the areas of family law, family violence and child protection, our advocacy and policy development, and our highly regarded legal education and training programs for industry professionals. Trish is a senior labour lawyer and workplace consultant with particular expertise in gender equality law. She has over 20 years of legal and leadership experience in private practice, helping clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors resolve workplace diversity and employee relations issues. Trish is passionate about social justice, diversity, inclusion and equality. She has worked for the Australian Human Rights Commission and in community legal centres and partnership programmes for health and justice, and has been actively involved in pro bono work throughout her career. Trish is an IECL certified organizational coach, holds a Bachelor of Laws and Accountancy and was called to the Victoria Bar in 2001. Together with other specialized women`s organizations, we participated in the development of the Reform Plan: Removing Safety Barriers for Victims/Survivors of Domestic and Family Violence Who Have Temporary Visas Temporary Visa Holders who experience domestic violence in Australia face several barriers to accessing safety, support and justice.

These barriers are often used by perpetrators of domestic violence to further coerce and control victim-survivors. The National Advocacy Group on Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Violence calls on the Australian government to adopt recommendations in four key areas: 1. Improve the migration system so that all women on temporary visas who experience domestic, family and sexual violence and their families have access to protection, services and justice. 2. Expand eligibility and access to social security (including health insurance) for women on temporary visas who experience domestic and domestic violence. 3. Expand eligibility and access to social and social housing for women on temporary visas who are victims of domestic and family violence. 4.

Ensure sustainable and long-term funding for technical and legal services that support women on temporary visas who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing domestic, family and sexual violence. You can read the «Reform Plan» here: WLSV is committed to building a gender-equitable country where all women can exercise their right to a life free from violence and make informed decisions about their relationships. WLSV is a non-profit organization that has been providing free legal services to women since 1982. WLSV is a dedicated and diverse team of lawyers, advocates and educators who work with and for women to achieve justice for women. We are looking for a social worker to join our team! Our specialised, cross-border and integrated approach provides our clients with holistic legal and non-legal support, increasing their safety and well-being, and leading to more positive outcomes overall.